> Eric C. von Coelln

Versatile, data-informed executive with experience scaling early business models into mature products. Proven track record of building and mentoring a team to meet the organization's objectives with over a decade in the mobile and social games space. Some highlights include:

New York Times Games

I'm currently the Executive Director, Puzzles at The New York Times, expanding our product from a niche, crosswords-centric product to a broad offering, now called New York Times Games. I've managed the business P&L, launched four new games such as Spelling Bee and Tiles, and expanded investment in the team by achieving milestones proving we could expand audience, user engagement and monetize new games. To date we've more than tripled stand-alone subscribers and revenues and grew a team from 14 to over 40.

OMGPOP / Zynga

OMGPOP was a leading multiplayer casual games destination on the web;  Expanded offering onto the Facebook platform with the launch of Cupcake Corner (1.7 million monthly active users in December 2010) and Draw My Thing (2.1 million MAU in July 2011) and built a metrics-based approach to optimizing game play and revenues. Zynga acquired us in March 2012 after the success of the app Draw Something which was the #1 free and paid app with over 100 million downloads.


Improved revenue and analytics for their hit game SongPop (#1 Social Game of 2012),  and developed a framework for monetizing and optimizing engagement across all game properties. Launched suite of games including MoviePop, TravelPop and a prototype for FamePop. Set up ad monetization framework to optimize network revenues and developed sponsorship packages to double ARPU from advertising Managed a six-figure acquisition budget for the launch of MoviePop, helping the app reach the top of the charts while keeping cost per install below industry norms Created business intelligence framework for product management, moving from Flurry for basic analytics to more robust big data analysis using Google BigQuery.

Early Social Game Work

Initiated the concept of the "Sticky Factor," using Daily Active User over Monthly Active User as a ratio to judge which Facebook game companies were being able to attract and retain users better than others. The initial 2009 blog post was co-published on Inside Social Games and highlighted different Zynga and Playfish games. The ratio was later used by venture capitalists to measure game studios. I also did early consulting for Facebook on the competitive market for FarmVille before it was launched.

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